Norwegian Bliss Delivered

Source:World Maritime News,April 20, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Line has taken delivery of the 168,028-gross-ton Norwegian Bliss from Meyer Werft during a ceremony in Bremerhaven, Germany, marking the conclusion of an 18-month building period.
The delivery follows extensive testing of all machinery and systems, sea trials and intensive crew training both at sea and in the Dutch port of Eemshaven, Meyer Werft said.
Norwegian Bliss, the third ship in the line’s Breakaway Plus class, is the first cruise ship specifically designed with features and amenities for the ultimate Alaska cruising experience. It is the 15th ship built for Norwegian Cruise Line by Meyer Werft.
The 333.46 meters long cruise ship can accommodate 3,998 passengers onboard and includes many attractions, one of them being a large go-cart track.
The ship is flagged in the Bahamas and classed by DNV GL. Its technical features include the electric pod propulsion drive and improved hydrodynamics, together with many energy saving systems such as heat recovery or extensive water cleaning systems. The exhaust gas from its engines is cleaned in a special scrubber system, according to Meyer Werft.
“Norwegian Bliss is one of our most highly-anticipated ships to date, and today marks another exciting milestone for the newest and most innovative ship of our young and modern fleet,” said Andy Stuart, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line.
“The Meyer Werft team, along with our operations teams, ship officers and crew members, has done an incredible job bringing Norwegian Bliss to life and we cannot wait for guests to experience all she has to offer.”
Before cruising to Southampton, England to begin its transatlantic journey on April 21, Norwegian Bliss will embark on a two-day European inaugural preview cruise.
The ship will then head to the U.S. on May 3, from where it will kick off its U.S inaugural tour, concluding with a grand christening ceremony at Pier 66 in Seattle, Washington on May 30.
In June, Norwegian Bliss will embark on its first seven-day voyage to Alaska, where it will spend most of its summer months, while during winter the ship will offer tours to the Caribbean.
Image Courtesy: Norwegian Cruise Line, Meyer Werft; Video: Unimedien

Fincantieri: Strong Growth Ahead but in Line - Kepler​

Source:Marine Link ByJoseph Keefe March 28, 2018
Shares in Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri down 11 pct, on track for worst day in 30 months.

Co reported a rise in FY net profit to EUR 57 mln from EUR 25 mln a yr ago, proposed a dividend of EUR 0.01 /share

Fincantieri also approved its 2018-2022 business plan, targeting an increase in 2022 revenue of 50 pct vs 2017 and adj. net result of 3-4 pct.

Kepler Cheuvreux downgrades the stock from "buy" to "hold", says that strong growth is confirmed but in line.

Broker says that there are several sources of upside - e.g. potential "jumbo" awards in Australia and Canada - but it is difficult to predict the outcome.

After a strong run we prefer to stay on the sideline" adds Kepler.

UK: Shipping Fleet Grew 7% in 2017

Source:Marine Link By Aiswarya Lakshmi March 28, 2018
Gross tonnage on the UK Ship Register (UKSR) grew 7% in the year to end 2017, and was 16.2 million GT at end December 2017.

Official data from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) – for all merchant vessels over 100GT1 – shows that gross tonnage on the UKSR has grown by 18% compared with the end of 2014, following three consecutive years of growth.

Based on world fleet data (supplied by IHS Global) for trading vessels only, at the end of 2017, the UK registered trading fleet accounted for 0.8% of the world fleet on a deadweight tonnage basis (a measure of cargo carrying capacity), and 1.2% when based on gross tonnage (a measure of vessel size).

UK fleet was the 18th largest trading fleet in the world, on a deadweight tonnage basis and accounted for 26% of deadweight tonnage of the Red Ensign Group, which as a whole would be the world’s 10th largest trading fleet.

These statistics provide other measures of the UK shipping fleet, based on vessel ownership and management, which show that at the end of 2017, the ‘UK fleet’ of ships either owned, parent owned or managed in the UK is larger than the UK registered trading fleet – comprising in total around 4% of the world fleet, by deadweight tonnage.

The deadweight tonnage of ships with a UK owner, parent owner or UK manager all increased in 2017, compared with end 2016

These statistics provide different measures of UK shipping interests, set in the global context, including the number of UK registered (UK flagged) vessels. Every merchant ship must be registered in a country (the ‘flag state’) and ship registration can, in part, be considered an indicator of the overall health of a country’s maritime sector. (Full Report)​

Damen acquires Daewoo’s Mangalia yard

URL: 16.11.2017.

Damen is to acquire a majority share in Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering’s Mangalia shipyard in Romania, Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries (DMHI).
Damen views the deal as the next step in strengthening its international shipbuilding and ship repair activities. The Mangalia shipyard, located on the Black Sea coast, is spread over an area of 980,000m2. Its three drydocks boast a total length of 982 metres, with 1.6 kilometres of berthing space. The docks, with a width of between 48 and 60 metres, will provide Damen with capacity to cater for the largest maritime vessels and structures.
Damen already owns a shipyard in Romania, in Galati on the banks of the River Danube. It was acquired in 1999 and is currently the group’s largest shipyard. With the Mangalia shipyard, Damen will have its two largest shipyards in close proximity to one another.
The Romanian competition authorities have already approved the envisaged transaction. Damen also reported constructive meetings with the Romanian government in relation to future cooperation in Mangalia and the further development of the Romanian shipbuilding industry.
The shipyard was established in 1997 as a joint venture between Daewoo and 2 Mai Mangalia Shipyard, with Daewoo as majority shareholder.

Saudi Arabia’s New Maritime Yard JV Launched, First Orders Already Secured

Source:World Maritime News Posted on January 5, 2018

Saudi Aramco and its partners Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri), and Lamprell Plc have officially launched their International Maritime Industries (IMI) joint venture.
Initial production and service operations are expected to commence in 2019, with the facility reaching its full operational capacity by 2022.
The nearly 12 million square-meter facility to be situated in Ras Al Khair in eastern Saudi Arabia will be the largest in the region in terms of production capacity and scale, and will be able to manufacture over 40 vessels including three very large crude carriers (VLCCs), four offshore rigs and service over 260 maritime products, as indicated by Saudi Aramco.
This scope is expected to enable Saudi Aramco and its supply chain partners to meet their manufacturing and MRO requirements for offshore oil and gas rigs, offshore support vessels, and commercial vessels, including crude carriers.
“By meeting Saudi Aramco’s offshore production and transport needs, International Maritime Industries will serve our strategic intent to become the world’s foremost integrated energy and chemicals company. Its combination of technology, supply chain efficiencies and lifecycle partnership will create a world-class company that offers customers a keen competitive advantage,” Abdallah I. Al-Saadan, Chairman of the JV’s Board of Managers and Saudi Aramco’s Senior Vice President of Finance, Strategy & Development said.
According to Al-Saadan, the yard already has orders for more than 20 rigs and 52 ships over the next decade.
International Maritime Industries’ senior executives have also been appointed including Fathi K. Al-Saleem as CEO.
“International Maritime Industries is positioned to be a global competitor and a regional hub for maritime products and services. Through our combination of technology, integrated facilities and supply chain efficiencies, we are redefining what it means to partner with customers for maritime advancement,” Al-Saleem said.
The joint venture plans first surfaced in 2015, but the current structure of the parties involved was confirmed in 2016 when the companies signed a joint development agreement (JDA).
It is estimated that the total cost of constructing the maritime yard will be around USD 5.2 billion, of which approximately USD 3.5 billion will be funded by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The remaining cost of up to USD 1.7 billion will be funded by the JV partners. The JV will see Saudi Aramco invest up to USD 350.7 million, Bahri up to USD 139.3 million, HHI up to USD 70 million and Lamprell up to USD 140 million, the companies said earlier.
World Maritime News Posted on January 5, 2018
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je nova njemačka brodograđevna grupa čiji je vlasnik Genting Hong Kong Ltd., a orjentirana je na gradnju mega-kruizera.
Izvor: World Maritime News 2016 i 2017,
URL: MV Werften (, Deltamarin, Elomaric i Foreship ltd.

Obradio I.V. veljača 2018.

GENTING HONG KONG (GHK) je holding društvo, sa sjedištem u Hong Kongu i sa uredima u preko 20 značajnih država u svijetu. Član je malezijske Genting grupe.
Vodeća je korporacija koje posluju sa kruizerima u području Azije i Tihog oceana i vlasnik je triju društava:
Crystal Cruises,
Dream Cruises,
Star Cruises,

Kupnja brodogradilišta
Predsjednik GHK g. Colin Au u intervjuu u travnju 2017 objasnio je orijentaciju GHK na osnivanje grupe brodogradilišta za gradnju kruizera u Njemačkoj, što se u osnovi svodi na slijedeće:
Sagledavši ograničene mogućnosti gradnje novih kapaciteta kruizera u svijetu, da bi kapitalizirao rastuću potražnju za kruizerima i da bi ostvario vlastite planove ekspanzije u idućih 10 godina,
HGK je 2015.g. krenuo u ostvarivanje vlastitih kapacitete gradnje kruizera.
Ocijenjeno je da bi bilo najpogodnije ostvariti te planove u Njemačkoj, obzirom
na raspoloživa velika brodogradilišta i njihovo iskustvo u gradnju putničkih brodova,
te da za njemačku brodogradnju radi 800 kooperanata koji izrađuju proizvode, uređaje i postrojenja potrebna za gradnju brodova.

GHK je u rujnu 2015. u Njemačkoj kupio 70% dionica brodogradilišta Lloyd werft u Bremerhavenu uz cijenu od 17,5 m usd, a koncem godine je kupio i preostalih 30%.
GHK je 26.4. 2016, je u njemačkoj državi Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV) potpisao ugovor o kupnji 3 brodograadilišta dotadašnje firme Nordic yards Wismar GMBH, ruskog vlasnika, koji su locirani u gradovima Wismar, Rostock i Stralsund, za vrijednost od 230,6 m eura.
U srpnju je objavljeno da će naziv za tri brodogradilišta kupljena u travnju biti MV WERFTEN i oni će biti orijentirani na gradnju isključivo velikih kruizera.
Lloyd werft – Bremerhaven će zadržati raniji program remonta i konverzije te gradnje mega-jahti.

Glavni podaci o kupljenim brodogradilištima Nord yards
MV Werften Wismar
Lokacija: Wismar
Osnovano: 1946
Površina 560.000 m²
Suhi dok 340 m × 67 m × 13,4 m (potpuno natkriven)
Kapacitet dizalica do 1000 t
MV Werften Warnemünde
Lokacija: Rostock-Warnemünde
Osnovano: 1946 (izvorno1928 kao Kröger-Werft)

Površina 850.000 m²
Suhi dok 320 m × 54 m × 10,7 m (80 m natkriven)
Kapacitet dizalica do 700 t
MV Werften Stralsund
Lokacija Stralsund
Osnovano 1941 kao Kröger-Werft-Zweigwerk, od 1948 kao Volkswerft Stralsund

Brodogr. hala: 300 m × 108 m (širina) × 74 m (visina), (vrata:: 34 m širina)
Brodski lift 275 m × 35 m
Kapacitet dizalica do 800 t

Programi investicijskog prilagođavanja:
Sa ciljem da bi MV Werften postao moderna i efikasna grupa brodogradilišta za gradnju kruizera predviđeno je ulaganje u modernizaciju pogona od 100 milijuna eura i to za slijedeće:

  • laserska linija za zavarivanje tankih limova
  • tvornica za izradu kabinskih modula
  • Izgradnja hale za izradu blokova sekcija
  • modernizacija sustava upravljanja proizvodnjom
  • nove prostorije za izvršioce i zaposlene
    U Wismar-u je 1.9.2017. svečano puštena u pogon moderna automatizirana MV WERFTEN Fertigmodule GmbH, tvornica za izradu kabinskih modula za koju je predviđeno da postepeno dostigne kapacitet od 7.000 modula godišnje.
    U brodogradilištu MV Werften Rostock u kolovozu 2017 je započela gradnja brodograđevne hale dimenzija 385 m duljine, u kojoj će se graditi sekcije za mega kruizere. Puštanje u pogon hale sa odgovarajućim uređajima se predviđa u ljeto 2018,

Plan gradnje i isporuka MV Werften.

  • Prva 2 od 4 „luxury Crystal River ships“, ranije ugovoreni, su isporučena 2017.g., a ostala 2 trebaju biti isporučena 2018.
  • Prvi od serije od 3 Crystal Endeavor Class polar expedition yachts (duljina 160 m, 200 putnika), treba biti isporučen u 2020.g.
  • Prvi od serije od 204.200 gt Global Class Cruise ship koji se gradi za Star Cruises društvo trebao bi biti isporučen 2020.g. Brod će biti duljine od 342 m, širine 46 m a moći će primiti više od 5.000 putnika.
    Buduće godišnje isporuke MV Werften se planiraju za 2 kruizera post-panamax veličine iznad 200.000 gt i jedan kruizer srednje kategorije, odnosno panamax veličine.

Prethodne pripreme za ostvarenje programa:
MV Werften je 28 jula 2016. je sklopio sa finskim firmama Deltamarin Ltd i Elomatic Ltd, ugovor za izradu projekta mega putničkog broda Global klase za Star Cruizes društvo, čiji je vlasnik Genting Hong Kong, koji uključuje osnovne i detaljne nacrte broda. Obje firme će također asistirati brodogradilište za čitavo vrijeme gradnje broda. Projekt će trajati skoro 4 godine, a ugovorom je predviđen opseg radova za obje firme ukupno 860 ljudi-godina.
Navedene firme, obe sa sjedištem u Turku - Finska imaju široko iskustvo i know-how u projektiranju mega putničkih brodova.

U kolovozu 2016.g. MV Werften je sklopio ugovor sa finskim društvom za projektiranje i inženjering Foreship – Helsinki za izradu projekta i detaljnih nacrta, te za podršku u nabavkama i proizvodnji, za polarni cruiser Endevor klase za Crystal Cruise društvo, čiji je vlasnik Genting Hong Kong. Cruiser će biti duljine 160 m, duljine 23 m, sa oko 20.000 RT, koji će raspolagati sa kabinama za smještaj 200 putnika i isto toliko članova posade. Graditi će se 3 takva broda u brodogradilištu MV Werften Stralsund, a prvi treba biti isporučen 2020.g

Pored navedenih MV Werften je sklopio ugovore za projektiranje i izvedbu interiera za naručene kruizere i to sa svjetski poznatim arhitektonskim kućama Tillberg Design of Sweden, AD Associates – London i Kudos Design Turku.

O Deltamarine grupi. (
Deltamarin je grupa za projektiranje brodova i offshore inženjerskih postrojenja i konstrukcija širom svijeta. Njihove usluge uključuju pun obim: konzultiranja, projektiranja i inženjeringa, a također i nabavku, izradu i instaliranje.
Grupa zapošljava oko 400 eksperata koji su zaposleni n svojim vlastitim ili pridruženim poduzećima diljem Europe i Azije. Deltamarine je podružnica AVIC International Maritime Holding Limited.

O Elomatic-u. (
Elomatic je vodeća europska organizacija koja pruža usluge konzaltinga, inženjeringa, razvoja proizvoda. upravljanja projektima, uključujući ii rad na principu „ ključ u ruke“ za industrijski i javni
sektor. Elomatic ima 46-godišnje iskustvo u izvođenju raznih i zahtjevnih projekata u širokom rasponu industrijskog područja. Elomatic ima oko 800 zaposlenih, a uredi mu se nalaze u Finskoj, Poljskoj, Indiji, Kini, Holandiji, Italiji, Rusiji Srbiji i UAE (Emirati).

O Foreship ltd. (
Foreship je naezavisno društvo za projektiranje brodova i inženjering , a vlasnici društva su zaposlenici. Područje djelovanja obuhvata: konzalting, konverzije brodova, poboljšavanje performansi, ofshore ekspertize, izrada projekata te osnovnih i detaljnih nacrta. U personalnom sastavu je preko 80 inženjera brodogradnje, strojarstva, elektrotehnike, dizajnera. Centralni ured je u Helsinki-u, a filijale se nalaze u Turku, Marienhaimnu, Raumi u Finskoj te u Miami-u i Tallin nu.

MV Werften Orders ABB Kit for Genting Quintet

Source:World Maritime News Posted on January 10, 2017

zoomImage Courtesy: ABB
German shipbuilder MV Werften has selected ABB propulsion, automation and marine software for five new cruise vessels being built for Genting Hong Kong brands Crystal Cruises and Star Cruises.
The Swiss-based propulsion and automation systems provider will supply the complete power, propulsion and automation package for the five newbuildings.
The three Crystal Cruises’ luxury “Endeavor Class” mega-yachts will feature a Polar Class 6 and enable cruising in the Arctic; then follow the route of migrating whales along the coast of the Americas and Europe to Antarctica during winter.
The Star Cruises “Global Class” vessels will be two of the largest on the market with 204,000 tons registered tonnage each. These vessels are specially designed for the Asian cruise market.
The five vessels will all feature a complete ABB propulsion system, electric power plant, automation and marine software system.
The three Crystal ships will be powered by two Azipod D units each to enable the ships to navigate polar conditions, whilst the two new Star Cruises “Global Class” ships will each be installed with three Azipod XO thrusters.
All the vessels will also feature ABB´s automation with Intelligent Maneuvering Interface and OCTOPUS marine software for optimised energy management.
Delivery of the five vessels is scheduled from 2019 onward.
World Maritime News Posted on January 10, 2017

Krilo Jesenice: Village of the Cruisers

Source: Marine Link; Friday March2,2018

Driving south on the coastal highway from the ancient city of Split in Croatia in late October, one is amazed to come on a forest of masts. These are not your usual sailboat masts lined in orderly rows in a marina, they are masts of all shapes and they are supported by a range of what at first appear to be spectacularly well maintained mega-yachts. A few are classic, bright finished wood but bold, white, steel-hulled ships with cruise ship style raked bows predominate.

On the shore, two rows of houses cluster at the base of a mountain making the sea of ships filling the harbor all the more dramatic. This is Krilo Jesenice, long the home of mariners noted for their fleet of sand hauling vessels, but in recent decades, home to an ever-expanding fleet of coastal cruising ships for the burgeoning Croatian tourist industry.

There is no shortage of rock along the coast of Croatia but fine sand for concrete and mortar has long been a valuable commodity. A prime source was the Cetina River, about 10 kilometers down the coast from Krilo Jesenice. But hauling sand was incredibly hard work and it didn’t pay well. About 30 years ago, Duje Mladin’s grandfather added a few simple cabins to his sand boat and took some tourists for a boat ride. The next year they brought friends.

Soon, Duje’s father, Ivan Mladin, got a larger wooden boat on which he could accommodate a dozen people in cabins and make longer voyages along the coast. Others were doing the same and, by the early 2000s the Croatian tourist industry was growing rapidly and the families of Krilo Jesenice were growing with it. As business expanded, the families enlarged their fleet with larger more modern vessels

Croatian regulations limit the total number of passengers on this type of coastal cruisers to 36 and boats with 18 double berth cabins became the standard. In the early 1980s, Duje’s father, although still a teenager, began working on the sand boats, but soon he bought a fishing trawler and worked that for several years. Seeing the growth of tourism in the 1990s he bought a 16-meter boat that could haul up to six passengers. His first group of tourists spread the word and more came the next year. He supplemented this by hauling newspapers to the islands. Soon he moved up to a 22-meter wooden boat with 14 cabins for 28 passengers. A then he traded up again to a 36-passenger wooden boat. It was these two boats that Duje recalls spending his childhood summers on.

Finally, in 2015, the Mladin family made the move to a modern steel hulled twin-engine luxury cruiser.

This 43 by 8.5-m boat would be as up-to-date as any on the coast. As do most of the families in the village, they had the shipyard build only the bare hull and superstructure and deliver it to their village port with only the engines installed. Then, in the winter months they hired all the subcontractors to complete the interiors to a very high level. The result is of a quality comparable to a luxury yacht. In addition to the 18 double-occupancy cabins, there is accommodation for eight crew including two chefs, two waiters, two sailors, a maid and the captain.

Working with a naval architect, the family brought all of their years of experience on the Adriatic to design a hull with a good solid 2.3-m draft and a hull shape suited for the vessel’s function. At the same time they gave it shape from the beautifully raked bow to the deak decked swim grid aft. The quality of the wood joinery is exceptional and brings all the warmth and tradition of the wooden vessels while providing the longevity and finely faired finish of a steel hull.

Careful thought also went into the selection of the engines that form the heart of the vessel. For main engines, they selected a pair of Cummins QSM11 marine diesels each rated for 355 hp each at 1800 rpm. The provides ample and economical power to give the big vessel a maximum speed of 11.5 knots and a comfortable cruising speed of 9.5 knots while burning, including the genset, about 60 liters per hour. The engines turn propellers through Dong gears with 4:1 reduction.

As tourist boats, the week-long voyages do almost all travel by day and then moor in various ports along the way. A good many ports have shore power but in the event that they do not, or when anchored in an isolated bay, the hotel needs of the vessels are met by a pair of Cummins ONAN MDKDU 27kW generator sets. While underway 35 kW shaft generators provide electrical power for the vessel. On the Aquamarine an additional 90 kW generator provides power for the anchor winch and a 50 kW bow thruster.

The combination of owner input in the design and build process earned the Admiral complete satisfaction from both guests and operators. When a second vessel, the Aquamarine, was started in 2016, they made it an exact sister ship. From bow to stern and wheelhouse to engine room there were virtually no changes.

After commissioning in June of 2017 the Aquamarine, with Duje as captain, put in a productive and profitable summer season alongside the Admiral.

Bookings for the ships are handled by agencies and they are already full for the 2018 season. If a single group takes the whole ship, they can customize the voyage schedule with the captain. Guests are picked up in Split on a Saturday morning and the voyage can go north toward Zadar or south toward Dubrovnik.

Over the winter of 2017-18 there are reportedly more than 15 additional boats being added to the Croatian fleet including at least one in Krilo Jesencie. In most cases, as with the Admiral and the Aquamarine, owners who had the courage to convert work boats to tourist boats, will continue to do all of the finishing along-side in their increasingly crowded home port. Among maritime success stories this ranks with the best.

(As published in the February 2018 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News)​